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Raptor Wrap Sheets 5pcs

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Raptor Wrap Sheets 7.9in x 9.8in 5pcs / 20cm x 25cm
Wrap It With Raptor!

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Raptor Wrap Sheets 7.9in x 9.8in 5pcs / 20cm x 25cm
Wrap It With Raptor!
Keep your artwork clean and safe using Raptor wrap.
1.Clean the surface thouroughly.
2.Apply desired amount of wrap. Apply to relaxed body curve, Raptor wrap will flex to extension
3.Change wrap between 8-12hours and clean the weeping fluid and surrounding area. 
4.Reapply.You can leave the second wrap applied for up to 7 days. We recommend no longer at one time.
Some people will expeirience more weeping and fluid than others. It is important to keep the area clean and may need to be cleaned more often. If wrap begins to loosen and slacken you should reapply to protect the tattoo. Before every apply the surface should be cleaned.

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